Rule 1

Please, before you make use of our website (site), such as reading carefully the following terms and conditions of service. The access and the use of our website titled www.crislia.com implies the explicit and unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions set by the crislia-emarket for conducting online sales (e shop). The www.crislia.com may freely and at any time modify these Terms of Use by updating as soon as possible prospective customers-consumers. Use of this site implies acceptance of terms and conditions, as applicable each time.

Failure to comply with any of the terms of this expressly forbidden to use the website www.crislia.com.

Explicit consent of Use.
Expressly bound to this that you have read and accepted the content of the terms of uses of the website www.crislia.com. Furthermore bound: a) comply with the rules of Greek and International Law and especially with the provisions of the telecommunications legislation and brefrain from any illegal and contrary to morality using the website www.crislia.com.

Rule 2

Rights and obligations of members.
The website www. Crislia.com reserves the right to cancel membership in case of any kind of violations terms hereof. The completion of key data on the registration form (registration from) is necessary for the acceptance of a member.
For all services provided through the crislia.com on this website the Parties undertake to respect all rules of international and Greek law and compliance with the rules of politeness, discretion and respectful behavior. The network traffic of the website www.Crislia.com recorded and analyzed in order to improve services and better information of the market with cookies, for which reserves the right www.crislia.com to install.

Rule 3

Service Use Restrictions.
The use (of registered and non-members) website www.crislia.com for the exercise of unfair business practices, including those who formed the society of the INTERNET, eg practices spamming or what is contrary to NETIQUETTE (User Code of Conduct INTERNET). Prohibited section holding on to offer or the entire website www.crislia.com. The use Service information to build databases (databases) and the storage of information in databases in order to access them from any natural or legal person.

Rule 4


The use of the website www.crislia.com not involve the provision and transfer of rights or licenses goods and / or services, except the limited right to use the servicepursuant to the terms of use of thisIn case of unloading (download) elements of the content of the website www.crislia.com, the crislia.com grant such a right only for personal use and refrains from granting any other right, unless expressly stated.

Rule 5

Limitation of Liability.
The features and other details of the products sold are available and you can find out by following the search instructions listed on our website and clicking on the name of the respective product.
The crislia.com making considerable efforts website www.crislia.com to include accurate and up to date information. However, no representation as to the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the content published and therefore bears no responsibility whatsoever. The crislia.com can not provide no guarantee for the availability of products, but ensure that timely information on final consumers of their unavailability. The use of the website www.crislia.com is at your own risk, accepting that the information and services offered as is, without warranty express or implicitly stated.
By accessing any part of the website www.crislia.com agree not to redistribute any information contained in its pages. The services offered via links (hyperlinks) are independent of crislia.com and used for your convenience. The crislia.com can not be held responsible for any cost or damage caused by the use of the services accessed through the website www.crislia.com regarding other companies.
Moreover expressly agreed that the crislia.com not responsible for damage or loss that may be caused on the information, services and content contained on the website www.crislia.com or recovered through it.

Rule 6

The website www.crislia.com, which includes but is not limited to text, content, photographs, video recordings and graphics (hereinafter "Services"), protected by national (N. 2121/93 as applicable) and international copyright provisions. Reproduction (reformating), republish, distribute, publish, perform, compile, load (upload), formulation, modification, copying site (mirroring) the pages of the website www.crislia.com or results pages of this or emission Site www.crislia.com, by any means forbidden without prior written consent of the Beneficiary.

Rule 7

Links to other websites.
The website www.crislia.com contain links (hyperlinks) to other websitesThese sites are not under the control of the website www.crislia.com crislia.com and therefore not responsible for the content of the quality and completeness of their serviceThe website www.crislia.com provides these links as a convenience and the inclusion of an external link does not imply any kind of commitment to this website from crislia.com.

Rule 8

Expressly represent and bound hereby that in the case brought against the crislia.com any action, claimor other judicial or administrative process claim and arises from the breach by you of any kind of third party rights are obliged as both intervene in judicial or administrative proceedings and other fully indemnify crislia.com, in the event that the latter ordered to pay compensation or any other cost.

Rule 9

Applicable law.
These Terms of Use of the website www.crislia.com governed by Greek law the force in this legislation of the European Union and International Treaties and construed in accordance with the rules of good faith business ethics and social and economic objective right. Should that term or provision of these terms use to determine a void or voidable, such invalidity or cancellation will not affect the validity of other conditions, and the parties will pay in the above principles every effort to replace the void or cancellation provisions or conditions with others who are as close as possible to that of the void or voidable conditions or forecasts.
Any dispute arising between the Contracting Parties concerning the interpretation or execution of the terms of use of the website or on www.crislia.com such connection shall be resolved by the Courts of Athens.

Rule 10

Power Prices.
It is clearly stated that the prices on line shop are not valid and the purchases made from natural of the enterprise, since the internet prices are only valid for online and phone orders.